Jim Dine, Red Enamel Pants

A Wry Eye: Witty, Sardonic, and Ironic Work by Contemporary Printmakers

Sam and Connie Perkins Central Court

A Wry Eye features a selection of prints, drawings, and sculpture by a small group of artists whose work has navigated wit, irony, and humor. A large part of the exhibition will be devoted to Jim Dine's recent works that deal with the psychologically complex Pinocchio figure, all of which were recently donated to the Spencer by the artist. Among the other works are Joyce Treiman's 1961 lithographic suite, The Mirrored Couple; the 12 lithographs that constitute Kiki Smith's Banshee Pearls; and several works by William Wiley. Common to these and the other exhibited works are elements of self-scrutiny, playfulness with a dash of the sinister, and wit with a sense of danger.

Selected images