Hope 22

Auditorium Foyer

This exhibition presents 22 portraits of veterans and active duty personnel accompanied by their experiences with military service and mental health. The exhibition is organized by Hope 22, a Kansas Citybased photography project that showcases veterans’ personal stories to provide hope and inspiration for veterans and their families and communities. Hope 22’s mission is to raise awareness about the veteran suicide epidemic in the United States, to advocate for mental health issues such as PTS(D), and to refer people to local mental health resources.  

Hope 22 advocates for veterans' overall well-being with a focus on a long-term positive transition to civilian life through hope, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy. This photography project provides a better understanding of mental health struggles by humanizing and normalizing these experiences to advance messages of hope and mental health advocacy.

This exhibition is presented at the Spencer Museum in partnership with the KU Military-Affiliated Student Union, KU's Life Span Institute, and the Cofrin-Logan Center for Addiction Research & Treatment.

Selected images