Color photograph of a man (Perry Alexander) with gray hair and a beard wearing a blue shirt and light brown suit jacket

Perry Alexander

Spring 2022
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Perry Alexander is a computer science educator and researcher. Currently he is The AT&T Foundation Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas. He treats computing systems as mathematical objects, formally proving properties related to their behavior and synthesizing correct systems from specifications.

As a part of his ARI fellowship with the Spencer Museum, Alexander is working with artists Stephanie Dinkins and Simon Denny to explore blockchain as an artistic medium. Rather than serve simply as a carrier, the blockchain itself is the creative product. Together with Dinkins and Denny, he intends to explore issues of privilege, access, and ownership intertwined with history and narratives, as well as ways to visualize blockchain behavior.