Paul Harfleet

Spring 2018

U.K. based artist Paul Harfleet brings his international Pansy Project to Lawrence with a series of events. Harfleet plants pansies at sites of homophobic abuse, takes a photo, names the image after the abuse that occurred, and posts it to his website. Harfleet's visit includes a Pansy Giveaway to spread the message of his project and to raise awareness of his fight against homophobia. He will also premiere his short documentary PANSIES, and give a performative reading of his children's book Pansy Boy, about a boy driven to devise a plan against bullies at his school. Harfleet will plant pansies at sites of homophobia throughout Lawrence, and will lead a planting tour across the KU campus.

Co-sponsors for Harfleet's visit are the KU Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, KU Student Senate, Friends of the Art Museum, the Linda Inman Bailey Exhibitions Fund, and the Sunrise Project.

Selected images