Bold Women: Changing the World and Art

Sam and Connie Perkins Central Court, 317; Dolph Simons Family Gallery, 316; Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation Gallery, 315

Opening in 2025, Bold Women: Changing the World and Art (working title) will trace women’s artistic roles in creating change and advancing social justice during the past 150 years and across many cultures. The project will identify worldwide historical roots of women’s agency in creating change and transformative art. The exhibition will include textiles, sculpture, metalwork, painting, video, music video, and photography from the Spencer Museum of Art’s collection and loans. The exhibition will fill the third-floor galleries and will include one or more artist residencies. All aspects of the project will be co-developed with a group of feminist scholars and community members working closely with Spencer Museum curators and staff.

Research and planning for the project are made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Selected images