Headshot of white woman with blond hair smiling at camera

Suzan Hampton

Fall 2022-Spring 2023
School of Architecture & Design

Suzan Hampton is a PhD student in the School of Architecture & Design. A LEED AP BD+C since 2010, Hampton earned a master of architecture degree from the University of New Mexico where her work focused on natural building and public space design. She also holds a BS in journalism from KU. In addition to her appointment as a Graduate Fellow in the Arts Research Integration (ARI) program, she is a graduate teaching assistant for KU’s nationally recognized architectural design/build studio program.

Combining her interdisciplinary practice in sustainable and landscape architecture with a first career in IT, Hampton’s research explores the benefits of leveraging strategic partnerships with site-specific public and land art installations to strengthen place-identity. By creating public installations that meld adaptive systems, generative materials, and new methodologies, Hampton is cultivating a deeper understanding of how we can strengthen community and environmental resilience in the face of accelerating climate change, political conflicts, social upheaval, and public health challenges.