Imani Wadud at a community project meeting

Imani A. Wadud

Fall 2018–Spring 2019

Imani A. Wadud is a PhD candidate in the Department of American Studies at KU. With the support of a Chancellor Doctoral Fellowship, Wadud focuses primarily on the 20th century into our contemporary moment, working at the intersection of visual culture, performance studies, critical ethnic studies, and Blackness. Her research incorporates visual culture theory and scholar-practitioner research that centers transnational, Black diasporic modes of artistic expression. With a background in social activism and performance-based social practices, Wadud’s work with ARI investigates how decentralizing status quo modes of academic (museum) engagement with marginalized cultural expressions ought to promote decolonial modes of thinking, doing, and being. Wadud is excited to spend a year of research working with colleagues at the Spencer Museum to bridge theory and praxis around the inner workings of academic programming and, in turn, produce more politically responsible and inclusive encounters with marginalized knowledges in academic, community, and museum spaces.

Interview with Imani Wadud

Former ARI Graduate Research Fellow Bryce Heesacker interviews Imani Wadud.