Bryce Heesacker and others walk through a field

Bryce Heesacker

Fall 2017–Spring 2018
Expanded Media

Bryce Heesacker came to KU in 2017 to begin study in the Master of Fine Arts in Expanded Media program. He is an interdisciplinary artist in sound, video, and interactive media. He challenges mainstream ideas, genres, and styles and seeks to address underrepresented issues in his works through new forms of artistic expression. His works have been performed and exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia. In 2016, he helped form the Shadow Keys Performance Series, a collection of acoustic, electroacoustic, and interdisciplinary works utilizing mechanically controlled pianos. Heesacker’s work for ARI involves the development of short-format documentaries, composing music for digital media releases, assisting in the coordination of symposia, accommodating visiting artists and scholars, setting up video and audio recording for events, and drafting a podcast that addresses the latest on arts and research collaboration.

Interview with Bryce Heesacker

Joey Orr, Curator for Research at the Spencer Museum of Art, interviews Bryce Heesacker (20172018 Graduate Research Fellow) about the role of interdisciplinary practice in his creative work.