Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas
detail: Portrait of a Young Boy by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Museum Highlights

An online activity for visitors

This online activity is part of an informal study on ways to motivate you to visit the art museum, improve the experience, and encourage return visits. You will be introduced to the art museum first by looking at objects online and then looking at the same objects in the art museum, revealing the difference between a virtual and an actual experience with works of arts.

Part I of this tour will guide you through a virtual visit of objects in the Spencer Museum of Art's permanent collection. The virtual tour will introduce you to the variety of works available and prepare you for an actual visit to the Spencer. You will be asked to view six online objects and answer questions about what you see. Your tour will lead you through the Spencer's online floor plan, where you will click on thumbnail sketches in order to gain access to the online objects.

Part II is an actual visit we hope you'll make to the Spencer, where you will see the original artworks and expand on your virtual experience.

Directions: Follow the text to view six online objects and answer questions about what you see. The objects are in numerical order and accessible by clicking on the thumbnail sketch next to the number on the floor plan.