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detail: Autumn Evening by William Thompson and Andreios Alexander

Native Son, Local Threads: Quilts Inspired by Richard Wright

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The Web by Steffan Robinson and Seth Maples Steffan Robinson & Seth Maples The Web, 2010
The web of spiders
Sticking to my sweaty face
In the dusty woods.

The haiku just attracted me when I first read it. It sounded unique. I enjoyed working on The Web. It was challenging. The experiences I went through to get this quilt done were very fun.
Steffan Robinson
age 14, ninth-grader at Central Junior High School

The reason that I picked this haiku is because it was interesting, weird, and cool. When I was working on my quilt, I really enjoyed drawing the shapes for the trees, the little man, and making all the details for it. Marla Jackson, the quilt artist who worked with our class, was creative and innovative. She also was a nice, kind, encouraging person when I needed help and advice.
Seth Maples
age 15, ninth-grader at Central Junior High School