Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas
detail: Autumn Evening by William Thompson and Andreios Alexander

Native Son, Local Threads: Quilts Inspired by Richard Wright

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Haiku #1 by George Stockhammer George Stockhammer Haiku #1, 2010
woven and printed fabric, black bias tape
I am nobody;
A red sinking autumn sun
Took my name away.

This is beautiful poem. It reminds me of a fall sunset gleaming gold on the horizon, shadowing clouds with a purple tint. It also reminds me that beauty doesn’t last forever, or in this case, only a few minutes. The artistic glory of fall encouraged me to mimic it the best I could. Working with Marla was not only a wonderful experience, but an eye-opening experience as well. She taught me that despite our differences, humans can work together in a synchronized vibe any day. I thank her for her time and effort.
George Stockhammer
age 14, ninth-grader at Central Junior High School